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hiya cats and kitties, hipsters, flipsters, and tripsters hiya also to all the divergent viewpoints of ya all and to include all the divergent viewpoints inside each one of ya

i am wavin' at ya and polishin' my mirror so as i can get at a shiney perfection of selfsome circumabulation in the solitude of void that is the void filled with words and deeds and substance of experiential i.o.u's

i am dancing in the silent emptiness of place wavin' my hands in the air wavin' them like i just don't care 'cause i am a wild and free being having earned the right to say it and the responsibility to bear it unlike a tired old weight of mundane stale outworn certain-to-end-soon dominatin' capitulatin' goin' ta hell in a hand-basket b.s. doled unto us by mass news and worldy (smelling bad) governments and bureauacrats and those who don't see that all living beings are sacred and that they are dancing just like me out on the edge of infinity which lingers and glints with light at the interstices of every breath anyone of us will ever take

i am saying Yo! Yo to all of you experimental madmen and madwomen who have tasted the elixer and alchemy of both plant and fungi and rode the inner highway to those other worlds where beings who either named or nameless shed their light upon our mortal selves or liquidly bombasted apart our egos rooted to bad habits of feeling or fearsomely lifted us into primordial worlds so strange that as our hearts beat faster we fell into whirlpools which even the dead would avoid only to come back from those awesome brinks to attempt the tale to those whom we felt may also know such depths who may have also tempted such fateful realities within and lived to grow from such encounters

i say madmen and madwomen to anyone who has taken the courage to step outside the prescribed proscribed circle of experiences allowed by any culture and thereby expanded that circle of social wholes to include our own and having had the finger of ascertion pointed in my general direction often during these many years that i am mad insane or not normal, i have learned to wear such banners proudly and recognize that real sanity exists as a kindredness of spirit and responsibility of recognition of what is sacred and why and why sitting on one's ass in front of t.v. for whole lifetimes is insane and that the world into which i crossed at sixteen of marijuana smoking hipsters in the alleys of Greenwich Village and who were called insane were not
but were instead the harbingers of the real sanity
the purifying winds blowing in from eternity
the mote of luminous insight in the center of existentialism
the high note wailed in the storefront party by a saxman on methamphetamine
the sweet passionate brushstroke of dripping blues painted by a madman who would rather let the universe drop that abstraction down to canvas than force the place where color should rest forever by an act of will

i say i am just an ordinary guy in extraordinary inner surfaces agleam with a richness and vitality given to him by all the wonderful marvelous, exquisite explorers he has met upon the path of his (at times fortunate) life because they had forged that path for him and then showed him several entrances along it, but with the admonition that "once you've set foot upon this trail, there is no getting off it." and taking that admonition not as a trap but as an invitation to liberty i ran to it and leaped headlong into the waves awash upon its shores as i discovered that this path was as wide as the world and as deep into the universe as anyone has ever fathomed

i say yea! to the salvias inside our own souls to the divinorums of our secret wilderness to the tender green orgiastic legs of morning glories twining softly against us while resonance filled vines of the gods hoist us upward forever in powerful steely undulating plant arms as if we were its newborn babes i say alright gang thank you for trying
for risking the bust and black boot-heel of tyrants
for being aware enough to be aware
for being yourselves
for crossing the field of time from every generation and meeting in the middle as many reflections of the one vast moment which harbors us all

i yell hello from the doormat of your little realm yet my shout is no more than the echoing chirp of a tiny bird fattened on many seeds and who will take flight one day knowing only that some of you will go that way after me
and yet others of you will go that way before me
and some of you will reach greater heights of wisdom
and some of you will not but all of you will try
and in that final moment of the life review
may you
each and every one of you
be pleased and exclaim within
a deep resounding ah
and be in the peace
such community springs new in each of us

chuck goldman