o How do I subscribe to MW-Raves?

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Mw-raves is an electronic mailing list. We use mw-raves to talk about upcoming events, previous events, music, vibe, and sometimes breast cupping dwarves :-). It's a great way to find out about upcoming events and to meet new people.

To subscribe, you send mail to majordomo@hyperreal.com with the following in the body of your message:

   subscribe mw-raves your_name
To get the calendar only, use this message body instead:
   subscribe mw-raves-cal your_name
Once you've subscribed, you'll start getting mail from other mw-ravers every day. Whenever you want to add to the discussion, send mail to mw-raves@hyperreal.com. Your mail will be broadcast to everyone on the mailing list.


Posts: mw-raves@hyperreal.com
Requests: majordomo@hyperreal.com

Last Updated 4/12/95