o How Do I Use the MW-Raves Web Site?

Welcome to the mw-raves web site! The best way to find out what we have to offer is to try it out. Go ahead! Start clicking on links. We guarantee that your computer will not explode.

There are three main parts to this site: the calendar, the travel guide, and the roster.

The Calendar

The calendar contains the same information as the calendar distributed by modE on the mw-raves mailing list. The calendar is automatically updated and always current.

In addition, the calendar page allows you to access the meetwhile information at the click of a button.

More detailed instructions are available through the calendar page itself.

The Travel Guide

The travel guide contains reports by various mw-ravers about the scenes in various midwest cities. Our hope is that this will make it easier for you to decide on a city to visit, as well as making your trip there more enjoyable. The travel guide contains information about the music scene, radio programs, clubs, DJs, etc.

In addition, the travel guide can give you a weather report for the city you're going to be visiting.

The Roster

This page contains links to any homepages mw-ravers may have, as well as a link to the stockpile of pictures at the hyperreal.com ftp site.

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Well, our addresses are below. Feel free to contact us.

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