Date: Fri, 24 Mar 1995 04:51:42 -0600 (CST)
From: Matt mot Massive 
To: mw-raves@hyperreal.com
Subject: For Public Discussion.

Hello out to all in Mw-Raves land.
I am asking for your assistance and discussion.  The next issue of 
Massive is the 'Paranoia' issue, and rightly so, because, if you haven't 
noticed it yet, we are seemingly falling into a state of seige 
nation-wide- an organized effort against what we do.  I am writing an 
article based on the following outline and would like to see some 
discussion on this subject so that i may add, subtract, or examine points 
on this issue.  i would like to thank everyone for all of the inspiration 
that this list has provided in the past, and in advance to anyone and 
everyone who can help me steer this article into a powerful statement/ 
wake-up call that i think we all need to take heed of....

matt massive

1.  Introduction
     A.  Background

     B.  Reasons for article
          1.   The media's newfound interest in Rave
           2.  What seems to be worldwide crackdown on Rave parties
                 a.  England
                      - Criminal Justice Act (explanation)
                 b.  Nationally
                 c.  Locally
                      -Fuk tour
                      -Milwaukee/ Chicago etc

2.  The Problem
     A.  How Raves are represented...
           1.  To Society
                 a.  Negative views on youth movements
                       -The dawn of Rock and Roll/ The 50's
                       -Hippies/ The 60's
                  Point:  Society is introduced to us by two forms:
                              1.  Our interaction with the 'rest' of the
                                  world, and how they view us
                              2.  Through the Media
             2.  To the Media
                   Point:  1.  The media sensationalizes anything it 
                               finds 'new'
                                    a.  We FEAR that which we don't 
                                         - our concept of 'dancing all night'
                                         - our 'new' music
                                            ...and it's black/ gay roots
                                         - our fashions
                                         - the 'underground' thing
                                 2.  The media is notorious for assuming 
                                     things, and then reporting it all as 
                                       a.  We hardly ever dispute the 
                                           obvoius lies publicly

       A2.  WHY they get the impression they do...
               1.  Much of it is true...
                    a.  DRUG USE
                2.  Ignorance
                3.  Intolerance
                4.  Our own Idiocy
                     a.  Bad/ Money hungry promoters
                          -  supplying inadequate space for large amounts 
                             of people
                          -  using spaces that are sure to get notice by 
                              ...sound complaints
                              ...traffic volume/ buildup
                     b.  Lack of respect
                          -  destroying property/ spaces
                             ...graffiti dorks
                             ...cigarette burns on rugs
        B.  THE LAWS
              1.  Outdated
                   Point:  Many laws are based on different beliefs/ 
                           customs from different times
                               -  Superstitions
                               -  Religion (Christian, heavily)
                               -  Alcohol
               2.  Non-Applicable
                    Point:  What we do is 'new', and old laws don't learn 
                            new tricks
               3.  Strictness
                    A.  Occupantcy laws
                    B.  Fire codes
                    C.  Tax laws
                    Point:  The DIY concept of raves, as well as it's 
                            organization by 'non-professionals' makes 
                            legitamacy almost impossible
          B2.  Most cops are assholes

Examination:  Here we examine some news articles to prove some points.

3.  A Solution?
     A.  Getting over OUR problems/ differences
           1.  Drug Use
                a.  Elimination?
                     Point:  We should all remember what brought us here 
                             in the first place
                b.  Comprimise/ Acceptance
                     Point:  We can't ignore the fact that these parties 
                             DO cater very well to Hallucinogenic-drug users
                                 - the music!
                                 - the lights!
                                 - the vibe!
            2.  The Techno/ Rave argument
                  (Are you/ we here for the party, or the music?)
                  (Can one survive without the other?)
            3.  The 'Underground' argument
                  (with legitimizing/ legalizing, would we be insuring 
                   our demise?)
      B.  Educating the public
            Making Point:  Drug Use is everywhere, folks
                                     -  Some Legal drugs are more 
                                        detrimental than most of the rave
                                        'choice' drugs
      C.  Defending our Rights/ Being assertive
            1.  Knowing our rights
             2.  Taking legal action
      D.  Defining Ourselves (if possible)
            (Are we a movement, a genre, a lifestyle, a phase.....??)

any slants, discussions, suggestions, whatever, would be greatly appreciated.

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