Date:          Mon, 29 Jan 1996 13:05:45 -400
Subject:       Contributing to the Scene
Priority: normal
Sender: mw-raves-owner@hyperreal.com
Precedence: bulk

Oh-kee-doh-kee, folks, in my own mind I've been trying to figure out 
a way in which I, too, can contribute more to the scene than w/ money 
and bitching....although those are much beloved contributions...

In London and other parts of England, there is a little organization 
called LSD (I'm not sure what it stands for, but it's very good 
indeed) that sets up little tables at raves and ravey-clubs to 
distribute information about drugs.

NOT  Just Say No-era garbage 
about how evil drugs are for you, but objective and thorough 
information on how to use drugs w/ a little more knowledge and care. 
The project assumes you are going to do drugs, but attempts to make 
your choice a little more informed.
A lot of this sort of info is available through Hyperreal and other 
archives, but unfortunately not all ravers are dedicated netheads or 

What's great about the LSD Project in the UK is that they are 
financially sponsored by the government and operated by volunteers 
whose experiences with drugs have led them to believe that this sort 
of operation would be a very great thing to the scene to prevent the 
deaths/dehydrations/self-destruction of ravers, a problem that 
plagues rave scenes globally. The LSD project is also supported by 
the scene itself, so that volunteers are welcome into events by the 
promoters and the patrons. 

What the volunteers do is hand out rave-flyer-esque informational 
pamphlet thingies on neat stuff like:
-What vitamins and minerals might help prevent brain/body damage 
while rolling.
-How to tell real drugs from phonies
-Common misconceptions about drugs (e.g., the strychnine myth)
-Specific drug names and authenticity (i.e., how many mg. of MDMA is 
actually present in a  vs. amount of 
other drugs present in same said roll)
-How drugs work and what they really do to your body....in layman's 
terms, of course, since we're not all biochemists...

In other words, what if at a rave there was a bunch of ppl who handed 
out info on everything you ever wanted to know about drugs, but you 
were too sheepish to ask, no one knew the answer, or you didn't even know 
to ask? Would that be cool? Would it benefit the scene? Would it 
possibly prevent the death of one raver? Would you support it? Would 
you volunteer your time and experience?

This is a project that I've had rolling around in my mind for awhile, 
but then again, maybe there's already something like it in existence. 
If so, let me know. If not, then it's about time. 

Responses and critiques are open to debate. Ideas and suggestions are 
very welcome. And volunteers and any other contributing persons are 
held in highest esteem. Let me know what you think, ppl. 

Thanks for reading this far!